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Eating Disorders 2019-12-22T21:36:01-05:00

Eating Disorders


Tracy provides a safe and welcoming environment for the client to share honestly and openly.  The client will be given support, education and practical strategies.  Tracy applies a body-centered approach where the client learns to listen to the body in order to understand the deeper emotional reasons as to why over eating is being triggered.

Through therapy, the client will learn to develop a new relationship with emotions and thoughts.  By working at this deep level, we begin to resolve the core issues so that eating behaviors begin to change.  The support built in therapy forms a foundation that helps the client to create a better relationship with self and others.

Tracy has extensive experience with eating-disorders.  She has worked in both inpatient & outpatient clinical settings such as the “Women’s Eating Disorder Recovery Center” at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder,  Colorado.  There, she worked as an  eating disorder therapist,  assessment in-take counselor and group facilitator.   She has taught workshops and led numerous women’s groups for compulsive over-eater’s in Ontario.



These services are covered by many extended health insurance plans and recognized as a health expense on your income tax return.

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